Best Portable Soccer Goals Reviews in 2020

portable soccer goalsThis article will guide you via all the various options and sizes available to ensure you can choose the best portable soccer goals and best soccer goals for your requirements.

That is correct, no more jumpers, cones, and bags as goalposts – check out the real thing here. Whether you are a parent or a sports coach, choosing the most suitable soccer goal is essential for shooting technique.

This review offers what we think are the top options for many different dimension goals based on various factors we have analyzed and tested.

Top 6 Portable Soccer Goals

In this review, we explain the;

  • The quality of every soccer goals for sale.
  • The comfort of the portability factor.
  • Storage
  • Various dimensions and what they work extremely well.
  • And lastly affordability factor – nobody likes to buy garbage!

Here are a few of the top models on the market, we suggest you check out before making a purchase decision.

SKLZ Quickster Soccer Goal Ultra Portable Soccer Goal

SKLZ Quickster Soccer GoalThe SKLZ Quickster Soccer Goal is simple to carry, a lightweight goal which can be collapsed to store inside a small carry bag – it checks all the flexibility boxes. Especially, it is a sturdy portable goal that endures even the hardest shots.

Both adults and children alike have had this model, and left special notes of its sturdiness – You don’t have to bother about the goalposts breaking! Having said that, the goalposts are created using a white color nylon “frame” which will not bounce back a soccer ball in case, kicked on it.

The two-ply net is excellent, and assembly is a piece of cake. Pin both edges to the upside of the equipment, tie your Velcro, raise the goalposts and you are ready to practice. It demands a couple of minutes or so to put together it.

Folding it down? It is a breeze. You can only set up ten of these things within little time – and since they are extremely portable, it is not a problem to assemble multiple ones at a stretch.

Usually, it rates as among the best soccer goals for storage and durabilityNevertheless, we wouldn’t suggest use in tournaments and competitive matches. It is designed for training.

All the goals come along with steel U-shaped ground stakes to secure it from snapping when a pass goes in during a practice game or training.

Dimensions? Another good thing regarding the SKLZ Quickster Goal which makes it among the top portable soccer goals in the marketplace is the reason that it includes various sizes. It comes in a 6 x 4 foot, 12 x 6 foot, and 8 x 5-foot goals.

Even though they are all smaller compared to full-size soccer goals, we could guarantee you that in case you are using it for practicing, smaller goals make for improved shooting.

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PowerNet Soccer Goal 12 x 6 Soccer Goal

PowerNet Soccer GoalThe next couple of models on our review is somewhat more on the expensive side. However, having said that, they yet make a substantial claim of being the greatest Foldable soccer goals out there.

Especially, the PowerNet goal is among the top soccer nets in this review. PowerNet company is a highly trusted brand that has earned an identity on its own within the baseball field for the high-quality baseball training goals they create.

What other games require a net? Of course, they have entered into the football field and have launched their lightweight, portable soccer rebounder that is certain to make an impression.

Again, this particular model is best suited for practice and training, in contrast to competition games and tournaments – the netting is a type of bow net design. These are created from very sturdy fiberglass material and metal that complements well in either outdoor and indoor fields.

Assembly is as effortless as the SKLZ one – it takes five minutes and could be folded apart in half that time. Extremely portable, and extremely lightweight – collapses into a little bag. And such as every other model on this review, it includes ground stakes accessory to make sure it does not tip off after each tough shot.

Available in multiple sizes, 6 x 4 foot and 12 x 6 foot. Both ones feel and look the same but, for size. And irrespective of size, they can both take a solid shot. An excellent choice in the quest for the top portable soccer goals model coming from an extremely reliable sports company.

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Franklin Sports Competition Soccer Goal Net

Franklin Sports Competition Soccer GoalNow it is a piece of equipment that looks amazing if built up correctly. The goal body is created using galvanized heavy-duty metal. Therefore, you could be certain it is sturdy for children and adults – it is designed to long last.

Likewise, this is made for competition, practice, and tournament. Despite the material, this model is extremely portable if it has to be shifted around. As you may notice Nevertheless, this model is not created to be effortlessly moved around and assembled.

Set up needs about 30 minutes – line up each pin within the poles as well as it’ll interconnect with one another. Velcro material up the netting and there she goes! Even though it looks like set up is long for a play – the goal is made for competition play – odds are you will be using it for an increased period of duration anyway.

Need it like a long-term fixture inside your private backyard? It is 100% our suggestion for top soccer goals for the yard. You would not have to bother about disassembly and assembly every time – and repeatedly, its material is designed to last. A tip could be to utilize cable ties to secure the goals in the case; you need to get it like a long-term fixture.

All of Franklin’s soccer goals include six galvanized ground stakes. Therefore, you could be confident that they won’t be tipping off from your great hits.

Dimensions? Available in either a 6 x 4 foot and 12 x 6-foot goal. Even though we certainly suggest the 12 x 6 feet target in case, you are utilizing it for competition matches and tournament. Despite the fact it is not a full official dimension, it yet offers a good level of netting to practice shooting.

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GOLME PRO Training Soccer Goal Net

GOLME Pro Training Soccer GoalWith regards to getting the best full-size goal (24 by eight feet) that excels in grounds of ease of setting up and portability – the GOLME Pro soccer training goal model is our highly recommended.

To start with, it is not cheaply priced – you could anticipate spending hundreds of bucks for full-size training models. The GOLME goal will just charge you a portion of that amount.

The most amazing point about this full-size goal is the thing that it only needs 5 minutes to assemble it and fold it offGOLME brand was so sure in their product that they have patented this setup style.

You will not lose accessories, nor shall you get stuff tangled – it is very simple. And when it comes to flexibility, it collapses into a little carrying bag that suggests you could move it to any event or field to show up an original full-size portable goal.

With regards to the product weight, the model is designed from a lightweight aluminum material – weighing just 30 lbs. You correctly stake the guide ropes onto the surface behind as well as within the corners of the equipment; it endures even the solid hits. It is a constant material for its overall weight.

Also available in a big beach soccer dimension (which is, mini 7.2 by 18 feet goal). 7.2 foot high yet suggests that the soccer goalie needs to jump, as well as 18 foot wide indicates the football goalie has to reach for it.

Nevertheless, it is only a choice where a room may become a problem – or in case, you got kids where full-size goals may be somewhat too large to practice. In case, a small goal just is not up to scratch in the backyard, as well as you need a full-size goal – it is our recommendation for the best soccer goal for the backyard at this dimension.

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GOLME PRO Pop Up Soccer Goal Nets

GOLME Pro Pop Up Soccer GoalsAnother GOLME goal on our list – and this set of soccer goals for sale are one of the best-selling pop-up soccer goals on the market. And for a good thing. You could be guaranteed that as they are pop-up goals, set up needs seconds.

Also, it can bend flat for easy transport and storage. One of the highest-rated soccer goals supposes you needed small targets. Every soccer team, or young soccer player, should own pop-up goals at their disposal – offering players a mini target to train hard and flat shots, or giving a pair of goals for an instant play.

GOLME company makes a substantial claim as a top portable goal because of their brand-new X-Strong ‘indestructible’ frame – lay simple, this model shall last you long-term. Likewise, the netting on it is versatile. Even though mainly for aesthetic factors, it makes for a simple aim to shoot, each time.

Suppose you have to mount the equipment to the surface, all models include three big spikes that could be secured into the earth to make sure that it does not go flying each time a soccer ball strikes it.

Available in three various sizes, six-foot, four foot, and 2.5 feet – and all of the packages include multiple goals as well as a carrying bag.

Superb dedication to customer care from the GOLME brand, and along with a one-year manufacturer warranty, in case, you need the best pop-up soccer goal rebounder, search no more than this nifty little equipment.

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PUGG 6 Foot Portable Soccer & Football Goal Boxed Set

PUGG Soccer GoalsAgain, when it comes to style and design, all pop-up soccer goals for sale are more or less exact the same. Nevertheless, if you are a reliable manufacturer who has been regularly creating the best pop-up goals for decades, in that case, PUGG soccer goals may be what you are after.

Is it lightweight? They collapse flat to a one-inch thick dimension and store inside a small carry bag. Pop-up goals always make way for the finest goals you can buy. Identical to the above reviewed GOLME model, it needs seconds to assemble, and minutes to fold it down.

Is it sturdy? Again, certainly. It is designed from a sturdy steel frame that takes on all of the folds that it takes on, and can last for many years. You can buy them either as a single goal, or a pair. However, if you need a quick soccer play that you could bring to friend outings or family, then it does not cost too much to purchase an additional goal.

For maximum stability, every model includes three stakes to secure it to the earth – and suppose you by any chance lose these provided stakes, you may order additional stakes.

PUGG brand also creates a 4-foot pop-up model as well. However, unless you are searching for target aim, or playing along with kids below ten years old, the 6-feet pop-up models are a perfect choice.

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Factors You Should Consider Before Buying Portable Soccer Goals

Above we have evaluated the top six portable soccer goals, it is crucial to mention that it is not a complete buyer guide to the best soccer goals. It is coverage to assist you to know which lightweight soccer goal model is best for you personally.

Since there are many different selections, many factors may get ignored or overlooked. Therefore, before continuing it is important that we point out some suggestions for you.

Soccer Goal Nets

To start with, goal nets are extremely essential. A decent goal needs a decent net. The truth is, your equipment is just as great as your goal net. Please understand that the majority of targets don’t include a netting. Nets, in general, are costly sometimes, particularly for a decent net, and a few of those might not withstand long in the toughest climate.

At times you do not realize till you have purchased and tried these. Therefore, remember this when getting a soccer goal.


Another factor to take into account are anchors (stakes), as said above. You need to do whatever it calls for to secure your system as well as your netting in position, or you just cannot maintain the football from getting away from the rebounder, that is its core application.


The final factor we will point out before starting is regarding ties. The goal ties that you place on the rear of the goalpost to secure the net in position are very crucial. These don’t always come along with the product, and often, they aren’t only kept in the spot.

A severe strike poised in a sweet spot can blow them away pretty effortlessly on many occasions. These could also be quite costly, and often they simply do not do fine in the toughest weather. All these factors ought to be considered.

What Makes Soccer Goals for Sale a Popular Option?

best soccer goalsBest lightweight soccer goals are getting increasingly popular due to the simplicity in which these could be assembled and the fame of football (soccer) as a complete. This trend has seen several players coming into the soccer rebounder goal industry.

We are provided so many various combinations of selections and options currently that ‘s hard to find out what are the best portable soccer rebounders. While the amount of products and detail of information is a real factor, it could also be bothersome for somebody who isn’t still skillful in the play and can spot a high-quality piece of equipment.

We have highlighted to you what lightweight goals are top depending on various reasons and your game style, and after that, we reviewed the best-selling portable goals on the marketplace.

Suppose you like to up your play, or of your child’s, a lightweight goal is one thing which is simply a must. This type of goal is not going to promise that you turn out to be a prime player. It can make way for a path to improve your performance on the playing field and enabling you to train more efficiently. Your chance of success is high with a versatile, lightweight collapsible soccer goal.


If you are genuinely searching for the top lightweight goals for your requirements, the important factor you have to consider is what dimension you are after. All of the above-recommended models are the market toppers and highest rated items on the marketplace. Product quality is guaranteed.

In case, you for whatever factor, are not happy with our recommendations or got any bad go through with these, share your views by posting a comment in the below comment section. If you need to know more about every item, check those directly on Amazon using our appropriate links – there are many reviews you can read suppose you were very hesitated about going in for a buy.

Guidelines for Movable Soccer Goal Safety

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