Best Pop Up Soccer Goals Reviews in 2019

pop up soccer goalsIf you need to learn the art of playing a soccer game, the pop-up soccer goals are the perfect option. These soccer goals are convenient, durable, and reliable to use.

The general growth of today’s technology and soccer fandom, companies all around are making affordable, portable, and durable pop up football goals you can store and take and use pretty much everywhere.

In this article, we discuss the best pop up soccer goal nets that are trending high currently. Therefore, you do not need to spend days or hours searching on the Amazon and the internet to buy the right goal. We have done all the hard work on your behalf.

PUGG 6 Foot Portable Soccer & Football Goal Boxed Set

PUGG 6 Footer Portable Training Goal
This six-foot soccer goal from PUGG is ideal for small training periods. It is portable, making its storage and transport easy. You could instantly start your game since it is simple to assemble the PUGG Soccer goal. This excellent product loaded with many features. It works well for kids as well.

  • It includes an excellent carrying bag. It comes with a hassle-free pop-up design. Thus, you can take it anyplace. Do not employ feet to pull it, since it may damage. You are given three plastic material stakes from PUGG company to hold your goal, that you require pulling into the surface using hands.
  • Soccer goals bottom strap helps to change the soccer pop up goal width. You can collapse the target flat from following original and straightforward instructions, that labeled on sets, and keep it inside the carrying bag.
  • Extra straps and pegs provided from PUGG, suppose there is breakage or loss. The carry bag is useful. Therefore, you can quickly load it into the vehicle. The portability of this product makes it ideal for the home, which most often will not have sufficient space to keep such vast and freestanding goals.

It becomes compact once fold. Therefore, you can carry it anyplace without any issues. After the fold, this six-foot goal changes the one-inch flat. Even children can fold back or set up this pop up goal quickly. It is ideal for mini sided soccer sessions.

It is easy to carry and store. Net remains in position, even after a solid kick. It demands less time and energy to put together when compared with other models. Although it boasts a mini size, it boosts the shooting accuracy by a mile.

Not just the children, but grownups can use it for training. It works excellent for pickup games and backyard practice.


  • Easy fold style for quick unpacking and packing which is all set for playtime whenever you are ready.
  • It weighs about seven pounds plus comes with a compact and convenient carry bag.
  • Sturdy steel frame, designed for hours of scrimmaging and gameplay.
  • PUGG offers safety storage bags along with a useful strap which makes it simple to take.
  • It boasts a sturdy and high-quality build and is well-balanced.


  • While in windy times, it might not perform as expected. Heavy winds can create some problems.
  • A bit expensive compared to other pop up goals.

The majority of professional players prefer this foldable goal. It is well worth the investment. Starters can use it to enhance their abilities by training with PUGG goals. You could use this top-quality item for several years.

PUGG Soccer Goal is the best portable soccer goal. Think wise, compare the advantages and disadvantages of every available option after that pick your choice smart. We highly suggested for youth soccer players.

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GOLME PRO Pop Up Soccer Goal Nets with Carry Bag

GOLME PRO Pop Up Soccer Goal

This GOLME PRO model is another good way to get match ready at any time. GOLME supplies a portable goals pair, which particularly used for small sided plays and training.

In case, you are searching for the best kids soccer goal, the pop up goal by GOLME is the ideal option. You can quickly start your training session or game if you own this excellent product. The net is tight and perfect. It is a perfect goal set.

  • Reflective perimeter ensures visibility at night and day. It has three plastic material stakes, one behind and two in the corners. These mounted stakes assist the model to remain in a single place, while in play.
  • This smartly designed goal has an affordable price tag. These come along with a good carrying bag, for easy transport and storage. It contains an excellent size. The goals vibrant orange color is perfect for visibility.

Folding guides are easy and straightforward to follow. The safekeeping of this item is a snap. Just twist every unit stick flat, once you have done with your game after that keep it inside a convenient carry bag.

You can take it anyplace you need for example a yard, beach, or a park. Even young children can put together it and disassemble by themselves. It is simple to transport, due to the handy carry bag. It needs very little room to store.


  • It comes in three unique sizes for every different ages and skill levels, including six feet, four feet, and 2.5 feet.
  • A lightweight carrying bag and a couple of soccer pop up goals included.
  • High sturdiness technology which makes these soccer goals go on for hours of the field play.
  • Excellent for the backyard, beach, or the field.
  • Just twist to close and open technology that removes the struggle of tearing down and setting up a goal and pain, each time you make use of it.


  • Plastic frames are not durable.
  • It cannot withstand the warm weather.

It is an excellent unit; you can simply take it for the parks or some other location. It is one of the finest goals out there on the marketplace for the children. This particular model, motivate the youngsters to become energetic.

Kids without a doubt enjoy this pair of targets. You can consider all options available and after that select one that fits your pocket and needs as well. It seems ideal when compared with other expensive soccer goals out there for sale. We highly suggest this excellent item.

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GoSports Foldable Pop Up Soccer Goal Nets

GoSports Portable Pop-Up Soccer Goal
We appreciate this set since it has many functional and fun features that can take your action to the ultimate level. The Portable Pop-Up Soccer Goal by GoSports is another good choice for small soccer goals you can utilize at the next scrimmage or pickup game.

It has a handy carrying case plus stakes set for securing yours firmly in the sand or ground. This model comes along with a pair of six cones you can utilize in training to lining the field’s boundaries or the half field and four corners. It is a good little means to assist you to mark out of bounds and inbounds.


  • No set up needed, pop up the system for instant gameplay and assembly.
  • You get a couple of goals if you buy this set.
  • It comes with extremely reflective fabric nylon which could reflect late night.
  • Compact goals that weigh in at just three pounds.
  • You will get six cones with this set.


  • For large dimensions, you cannot collapse them tiny enough for safekeeping.
  • It cannot endure heavy winds which make it only perfect for moderate wind usage.

These come with cones to create the field space and corners, and stakes that keep the goals from having blasted from kicks or from blowing all over in the breeze. These are great inclusions to this pair. We enjoy that it includes much together with a single purchase.

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GreEco Set of 2 Pop Up Goals Foldable Gate Goal

GreEco Pop Up Goal

Another well-known pop up goal which has grabbed our attention is the popup soccer goal by GreEco. It quickly folds up to create its shape. This model does not need any setup or assembly. It is designed to offer maximum comfort to the customers.

The GreEco foldable Soccer Goal has a unique shape and looks regarding portable pop-up soccer goals. Furthermore, it is the mobile goal which provides maximum portability. It causes it a go-to option of pop up goal nets among all age players groups.

The net comes in pairs of two-plus designed with better and durable materials. It consists of powerful pipes of the goal frame, reinforced fabric material around the goal and for the net, plus a high-impact style that can withstand the swiftest kicks.

  • The fact this goal is not just well made, they also arrive with provided stakes for the ultimate stability and support of the goal and a pair of cones which you can utilize to mark your field. Usually, we recommend the GoSports version as the best soccer pop up goal and all the things that supplied with this package.
  • Since the costs of all these goals are somewhat comparable, we hope these goals plus set is probably the best value for your bucks.


  • It comes in a couple of shapes.
  • Carrying bags and storage for ultimate portability.
  • It comes in three different sizes.
  • 8-inch placement stakes/pegs provided for securing this unit in the surface tightly.
  • No set up needed pure pop up style.


  • It does not arrive with legendary durability such as the PUGG six-foot goals.
  • There are more sturdy pop up goals on this list.

The GreEco Goal design is something that grabbed our attention. It is often a bonus that goals supply pegs or stakes for holding the unit into the sand or ground. We like this goal due to their durable, unique style that they provide.

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Kevenz Pop Up Soccer Goals Multipurpose Portable Soccer Nets

Kevenz Pop-Up Soccer Goal
The goal comes with a frame (stainless steel) that is reasonably sized too. It made from 2100 D tear-resistant and waterproof fabric which is stretchable and flexible. This best soccer goal is an attractive option since there are many highlight features that make it outstanding in overall quality.

Last but not least these are one of the finest Foldable soccer goals which we are about to discuss in this section. The fabric material the product designed from is completely waterproof, making it incredibly simple to clean plus totally suited for usage in practice, scrimmage, or rainy day play.

These come along with a sturdy yet stainless steel, a foldable frame that is environmentally friendly, as well as super simple to tear down and setup.


  • It comes in two unique sizes.
  • It includes a range of fun, different colors.
  • 2100 D tear-resistant and waterproof fabric.
  • This goal is simple to wash as well as totally sturdy for play in the rain time.
  • Flexible and durable steel frame.


  • These goals do not have a big brand tag or hundreds of customer reviews yet worth considering.
  • Not an easy thing to dismantle compared to other models.

The standout features of this goal are the waterproof fabric and solid construction.

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Soccer Pop Up Goals Buyer’s Guide

This buyer’s guide section divided into three sections for your convenience. In summary, we highlighted the importance of pop-up soccer goal’s design, applications, and factors that you should consider before buying.

Design of a Soccer Pop-Up Goal Explained

The pop up soccer net is a kind of portable soccer goal. Trending huge, the football pop up goals are constructed and curved to create a D-type body. This goal is the new most style and presently most famous ones too.

The main aim of the mini soccer goal is to make convenience and ease for the users. The goal includes built-in bolts and structures to change the net size as per your preference.

What is the Soccer Pop Up Goal Good for?

Kids may fall over them, bang them, as well as so could adults. However, the best youth goal shall not damage. They are secure for adults and kids to use the small pop up football goals could bend and twist without damage. Check out the indoor soccer goal rules for more information on the safety of this equipment.

PUGG goal is one of the big pop-up goals available on the market for some reason. They are affordable and can set up wherever in merely seconds. In case, you coach football or soccer, also Futsal, you will want a few of these goals pop up for the team. These are the best soccer rebounders created.

What To Consider Before Buying a Pop Up Goal

Because these are the technologically crafted and most modern goal nets equipment, they have many features that were clearly not available from some other portable soccer nets previously. There are numerous important popup soccer net features that make these such a trusted and popular option for the users.

Therefore, it is essential to highlight every unique collapsible soccer goals features, so people have a clear concept of what they are buying and what factors to take into consideration before shopping.


They should provide excellent quality yet are not very difficult on a budget of the buyers. It should be relatively affordable selling price when compared to the competitive item is among unique features you should look in a net.

While many users think because soccer training goal is the highly modernized soccer goals version, thus they should be pricey and high-end. Nevertheless, it is not the situation. Much for the people’s surprise, most nets for goals are the most moderately priced.


They could put together it outdoors and indoors according to their personal taste. Like a sub-category of portable soccer goals, the pop-up soccer nets require to be compact and why not? They are simple to fold up, carry around and set up.

It is among the main factors why it became such an excellent choice among youngsters nowadays.

Easy to assemble

It hardly needs 20 to 25 minutes to put together a pop-up goal anytime you need it. Contrary to renowned belief, the pop-up net is simple to assemble too. They are quick to put together as well.

They take less time and effort and can quickly form a firm structure. Children could use this net without the help of expert soccer players and adults can use it for training sessions too.

Moreover, these goals apart from being effortless to assemble are very helpful. All age groups of people can use it without any problems.


There are although full-size soccer goals. However, can be turned to create a goal of only two to three inches thickness level. The one factor that users search for in the pop net is storage. Another highlight training soccer goals feature is the simplicity that they could get stored. These require useful enough thus they could be effortlessly stored.


It is among the most important factors of these types of goals. They need to stand powerfully in all climate conditions and withstand all-powerful soccer ball strikes. They are sturdy. These are designed to be sturdy.

The one aspect which causes these nets sturdy is the top-quality material utilized in the build.


It is certainly not an easy task to make a decision among the many choices that you got this year! Nevertheless, you can make an informed decision and invest a long-term wise investment.

Our expert reviews of the different favorite soccer pop up nets can cause a comparison among various models simpler for our readers. Now you got a detailed examination of 5 of the best pop up soccer goals right at your disposal.

Therefore, you do not need to spend days looking on the net for the correct pop up soccer goals for you.

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