10 Best Lacrosse Rebounder in 2020 Reviews

Lacrosse RebounderConfused about what Lacrosse Rebounder to buy? Take a look at the buying guide and best Lacrosse Rebounder reviews.

Lacrosse is a game where training is simple if you own a rebounder, also called a Lacrosse bounce back, or a solid wall will work.

Well, you may not have a solid wall across your surroundings or house. Therefore, to improve your abilities to the further level, the rebounder for Lacrosse is essential.

Lacrosse is a healthy and vigorous sport. This game allows the player to play a role in competition with good exercise. It has a bit of success being a professional sports activity and is popular with college students and high schools.

In Lacrosse, there are lots of running. Speed and endurance are Lacrosse players’ significant assets. Because of these reasons, it called “The quickest sport on two feet.”

EZ Goal Professional Folding Lacrosse Throwback Rebounder

EZ Goal Lacrosse RebounderIf you need the best rebounder having all of the features, in that case, this is for yourself. EZ goal creates high-quality Lacrosse equipment from rebounders to Lacrosse goals, and they understand what you require in professional gear.

It is on the larger side for a few uses, and expensive yet takes it inside a field, and you may not get a better rebounder wall.

The frame is created from 17 gauge metal making it super sturdy – it is going to withstand any weather. You can use it outdoors and indoors, and you can change the position widely, which makes it the ideal partner for the Lax player hoping to step up the game.

The mat is large, and because it stands at 8-inch high, it is the perfect mat size you would like. Storage is very simple despite the solid steel frame, as they have made it fold in a practical method. Add to it the rounded corners, and it glides into any room nicely.

Highlighting Features of This Model:

  • The total area of the mat is 4′ Wide x 6′ High.
  • The telescoping frame adjusts the rebounder position for line drives, high pops, and grounders.
  • Rounded corners allow rebounder to move comfortably for keeping.
  • 17 gauge powder-coated steel frame includes a rigid build.
  • Rock Solid patent pending folding system is available for keeping flat.


  • It provides some great bounce back. You can know how good this rebounder passes the Lacrosse ball sharply and offers you a bigger distance to throw up.
  • It is an appropriately designed rebounder, and it is performance-wise rock solid.
  • Most components are pre-built, and the ones that need set up are mostly putting tubes around that snap into position with built-in pins.


In some instances, the strapping was not doing its task correctly. Strapping gets connected with the set up that holds its frame to the mesh. Make sure to email or contact the seller, in the event of the defective products and they are happy to repair it right up.

STX Bounce Back

STX Bounce BackThis best Lacrosse Rebounder is among the finest ones and most popular that STX creates. Also, we notice the cost is in the high range when you could buy the EZ Goal rebounder for about this cost, which is much larger.

However, nonetheless, the quality and brand talk for itself plus the STX Lacrosse rebounder wall arrive highly trusted for a room for improvement in your play and its durability.

As you would anticipate from a throwback at this cost, the framework quality is excellent. Some customers have said it is quite heavy, which makes moving from and to the field somewhat a problem.

It is created from steel and could absorb hits into it at most angles and speeds. The netting as well is a top-quality mesh which contains a dampening ability on it for rebounding balls moderately and accurately.

Highlighting Features of This Model:

  • Rebounder has among the biggest rebound surfaces.
  • Rebounder training kit for practicing Lacrosse shooting and passing.
  • The surface area size is four by three feet, with the orange-colored target.
  • An adjustable, sturdy steel frame enables varied rebounding angles.
  • Also ideal for other sports activities, such as softball or baseball.
  • Dampened rebound area adjusts in small backyards.


  • The rebounder goal is well built. The durable steel body bounds the solid wall, and it comes with stiff springs and large tubing that should not wear and tear shortly.
  • The package seems difficult to assemble however it is simple to put together.
  • This pitch back is used in multiple games, such as Lacrosse, baseball, and softball.


  • It is not compact because of its big size. You will probably require a vehicle to move it around in case you would like to carry it to drills.

Brine Lacrosse Lax Rebound Self Standing Wall Ball System

Brine Lacrosse RebounderBrine company has a track record of making high-quality equipment hence this Brine Lax Wall is no different. If you need the top-quality by Brine and do not mind spending money on it, in that case, it may be your new rebounder.

It includes a heavy-duty aluminum frame which is durable enough to endure any weather. Also, its folding feature will delight those who appreciate smart storage. It is simple to put together plus the poles are sturdy.

Nevertheless, we honestly could not find anything much exceptional to justify the hefty selling price. As you would anticipate at this cost, all fittings and mat are top-quality for widespread usage.

Highlighting Features of This Model:

  • You can easily fold it flat for keeping.
  • A single tool used for Lacrosse to improve your stick abilities for passing and catching.
  • Completely adjustable; you could fix the desired position for playing.
  • Compact wall ball System which can throwback as much as 30 feet.
  • It offers a 15-inch heavy-duty aluminum metal frame.
  • Convenient to put together with heavy-duty frames along with adjustable positions and rubber pads.
  • Total height is seven feet, and the target size is 3-feet x 4-feet.


  • Although the gear looks big however is quick to set up.
  • The materials it designed from are excellent and can keep this best lacrosse goal in great condition.
  • The rebounder is sturdy and can confront some serious worst climate conditions.


  • I would prefer to suggest one a bit high on the flexible poles to permit some more angled levels nearer to vertical. However, it is something of your preference and may quickly solve out with a bit of DIY skills.

Gladiator Lacrosse Professional Bounce Pitch Back/Rebounder

Another product by Gladiator Lacrosse, this Lacrosse pitch back is similar in general style to the one from Casey Powell. It is a great piece of equipment in its right and truly has a professional in the tag.

This rebounder goal is perfect for advanced to beginner Lax players and has the dampener within the net to enable use in small and large backyards. Not featuring the name of Casey Powell may disappoint a few, but delight those who are looking for an affordable price.

It comes with an extra heavy-duty frame that lets it withstand powerful hits from anybody while shooting drills and whatever the climate tosses at it as well.

Highlighting Features of This Model:

  • Victorious and fruitful training solution for practicing your Lacrosse drills. It works for advanced to beginner players. The ball comes back near the pace you toss it or returns correctly, which is the number one best practice approach.
  • The cloth material utilized in the equipment is ten percentage of cotton and 90 percentage Nylon.
  • Dampened rebound area to allow for use in small backyards.
  • Available rebound area surface is 4’ x 3’.
  • You can fold it flat for simple storage.
  • High-quality materials utilized in the build gives a durable item.
  • Steel pipe is adjustable which is convenient to have shots at a preferred angle.


  • It is more like an intermediate-grade rebounder plus is extremely cost-effective. Many Lacrosse rebounders are expensive. However, this is affordable.
  • The solid material employed for the build is of premium-level, giving it an extended life.
  • The dampened rebounding surface makes it excellent for backyard fun. You will not send balls tossing through windows or over fences with this best Lacrosse bounce back.


  • It is somewhat hard to flip back up.

Champion Sports Lacrosse Pro Bounce Back Target

champion sports lacrosse pro bounce back targetA step low in size and price compared to the EZ goal rebounder, the Champion Lacrosse Rebounder by Champion Sports is nevertheless another excellent item. With the cost set somewhat lower, it apparently comes at the inexpensive category for more casual players or younger ones.

It is ideal for the junior player hoping to become professional, and the construction will make sure you can have several years of usage. Well, it housed on a big field plus the fact it is angled several ways shows it is simply as user-friendly as some other high-end rebounder.

The mat surface is small, but it has an excellent dampener which means you can make use of it within small backyards.

Highlighting Features of This Model:

  • The weight of the item is 62 lbs.
  • Dampened rebound area is available for excellent shock absorbance.
  • Item dimension is 52 x 33 x 6 inches.
  • The flexible steel frame gives various rebound sides.
  • The overall rebounder size is 8′ x 3′.
  • 4′ x 3′ Rebound aim surface area throws back the Lax ball to the user after hitting at the target.


  • This model could fold to about eight feet tall, and four feet wide.
  • Easy to assemble and carry around. This Champion rebounder up in minutes and it placed together correctly.
  • The rebounder steel frame is a high-quality part. It can without a doubt hold upon inclement weather conditions. Wear and tear or rusting is not a problem with this product.


  • One factor to consider yourself is the bulky framework, not the simplest rebounder for Lacrosse to switch around.

Champion Sports Rebound Pitchback Net

Champion Sports Rebound Pitchback NetInto the budget-priced options, this multi-game back screen gives absolute value suppose you or your children play various sports and require a practice netting to wrap them.

However, at this budget and the truth that you can use it across multiple games, we suggest it being a unique worth item that offers what you are searching for in initial Lacrosse training.

It created from a lightweight yet durable aluminum frame that utilizes bungee cords to connect the 6’x3.5’ size mat.

While this mat is vast and lovely, a few users have reported about the poor grade both the bungee cords which attach it and the net itself. You can angle it in many ways to make sure you receive the complete variety of shot types and also flips up for simple storage.


  • Easy and quick assembly
  • Flexible angles
  • Lightweight


  • The lacrosse net is not the finest quality.

Lacrosse Professional Bounce Pitch Back Rebounder

Lacrosse Professional Bounce Pitch Back RebounderThe rebounder by itself is solid, with a sturdy steel frame that locks into position for quick assembly. When you are presenting an item, particularly sports items, it is great to include the backing of an expert.

This model is no different and actually, not just it backed by Casey Powell (2014 MVP), he, in fact, created it.

This reason alone makes this pitch back inside the top creation spotlight. It also contains a training manual from himself to help boost your play. Also, customers like it plus the overall quality is indisputable so take a look at this if it fits into your price range.

The only concern is that it is on the expensive side which might put it in reach for several people, mainly as it marketed for beginners and youths. The net is created with a unique dampener to improve the pitch back, and so you could quickly put it to use in your backyard.


  • It has a surface dampener
  • It is entirely adjustable
  • It features sturdy steel pipes


  • It is somewhat expensive compared to other best Lacrosse rebounders on this list.

Champion Sports Lacrosse Bounce Back Target

Champion Sports Lacrosse Bounce BackThe price range of Champion Sports yet deals a great dedicated pitch back for Lacrosse. The coarse net is somewhat of frustration though as a few customers have noticed that it does not adequately pass back the ball like finer netting.

It is simple to put together, and the solid frame will make sure it withstands most strikes. As with every other model high up the cost range, it is flexible to various angles plus folds up quickly for hassle-free storage.

Overall, it is an excellent choice for young users seeking to get a bit of decent training in the yard, and because of this, it is ideal.


  • Durable build
  • Affordable choice
  • Easy to put together


  • It comes with coarse netting

STX Double Sided Training Rebounder

With STX being among the world’s favorite Lacrosse training equipment manufacturer, you are certain to have something which made a trial and error history over time.

In case, you are seeking to boost your abilities across many different sports, in that case, this practice rebounder is an excellent beginning.

One good aspect regarding this product is it features a multiple-sided A-frame. Therefore, you can hit those balls straight into the netting from either side.

Another thing to consider is the trainer rebounder is lightweight, which makes it simple to shift around your backyard for junior children and to get it onto the field. Therefore, no more reasons that it is heavy.

It is an excellent all-rounder that will satisfy your practicing delight at a reasonable price tag. While this product is not perfect for everybody playing the sport, it apparently will offer you sufficient training at a high-quality for a fraction of the cost.


  • Adjustable, sturdy A-frame
  • It is double-sided
  • It is lightweight


  • Shorter compared to the average rebounder

What is a Lax Rebounder and How Does it Work?

The rebounder made from a net around three by four-foot square, extended on a steel or aluminum frame about six to seven inches long. Imagine a trampoline at a position. They are flexible to most sides, and the concept is they deliver the Lacrosse ball the correct rebound amount to best replicate play in actual life.

The majority of the rebounders permit you to change the angle. Therefore, you could play an offensive or defensive scenario, enabling for grounders and high pops. You can fold the frame and is created to transport quite easily to the playing arena. Moreover, the netting itself, generally made from nylon, may differ in quality based on the budget.

Difference Between a Lacrosse Rebounder, Lax Wall, Bounce Back, Throwback and Pitch Back

Does anybody aware of the answer? Well, we have perceived lots of labels for a Lacrosse Rebounder; Lacrosse throwback, Lacrosse bounce back, Lacrosse pitch back, and lax wall. All they serve the same objective that is to bounce back the ball to you once you toss it. All of them do the exact thing.

In case, you ask any expert lax player; they will explain you are learning wall ball to train their catching and passing skills was among the great Lacrosse workouts they carried out to step up their play.

Perfection arrives with training. Now suppose you do not have a real wall to participate in a bit of wall ball or you simply like the passing convenience in your personal backyard, in that case, we highly suggest you buy a rebounder for Lacrosse to put together in the yard.

How to Choose a Lacrosse Rebounder

Here are a few key factors you ought to take into consideration when making any big choice about the lax rebounder.

The type of player who will train with this rebounder goal

For an entry-level Lax player, getting a rebounder might require a particular approach. Something cost-effective could work. In case, a dedicated Lacrosse user is likely to make use of it, then buying a high-end product will not become a significant risk.

Rebounder which is simple to move

The critical point to keep in mind. Usually, people do not like allowing the rebounders to lay on the turf (spoils the grass). They mostly prefer to keep the rebounders fully covered when not used because to increase their life period.

The rebounder’s frame and nets can wear and tear with extreme weather damage. Choose where you could plant the best Lacrosse goal. If it is compact, you can easily store it and move it away.

How much you afford to invest

Budget is an essential factor to think. Do your Lacrosse Rebounder Reviews research, go to understand if the particular specifications you need in the rebounder fulfills your budget or not.

Choose the material you could favor for the rebounder goal

The steel frame is a good choice, in case you are targeting for longevity aspect. The more heavy-duty rebounder is, the better it gets. You do not need to become frightened of how fast you are passing since you must understand your bounce-back could take it.

Check out the Lacrosse Rebounder Reviews

Reviews speak a lot! You certainly need to see in case some other lax players are discussing your rebounder on the market. What stuff they enjoy about your rebounder plus what stuff they do not like.

Must meet qualities of Lacrosse bounce back

Any used bounce back cannot help. Every game calls for a different bounce back type. For instance, basketball, soccer, and even baseball, they all got their rebounders. When deciding to buy a rebounder, ensure the item meets numerous aspects for example height is enough – eight feet is perfect, sturdy for any climate, should be durable therefore it does not fall over, and easily foldable.

Advantages of Best Lacrosse Goals

  • If you train four times each day for 15 minutes, it can give you a total of one hour practice. As well as if you keep doing it daily for 30 days you will have an extra 30 hours of catching and throwing training within 30 days. You will get surprised how skilled you get along with such small dedication.
  • Get more hours concentrating on the fundamentals, catching and throwing and transform into a valuable player for yourself or your team.
  • You can assemble the rebounder wall in your backyard, and train whenever you got some minutes. It truly gives you great convenience.
  • You can practice those basics even in case you do not have a companion to play.


Not just will buying a rebounder can be an inspiration so that you can practice anytime you need, it will allow you to step up your sport. Being portable and adjustable, you can carry it in your backyard, on the field, or even on the road.

The decision is yours also the good thing about it is you can train whenever and wherever you would like in any climate. We believe you found this best Lacrosse rebounder reviews to offer you more details regarding the Lacrosse bounce backs out there plus the top ones available on the market these days.

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  1. Featuring a strong steel frame which weighs over 50 pounds, you can be sure the durability and stability will be there regardless of how hard you shoot at it. The frame also adjusts 3 levels, so you can practice your returns on balls coming at you from all different angles. The net itself measures 4 feet by 3 feet and has a dampened rebound nylon surface which makes it playable for smaller areas.

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