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Goalrilla Striker Rebound Trainer Review

Goalrilla Striker Rebound Trainer Review

Ever went to a soccer training where you must retrieve the soccer ball every time? It is frustrating and tiring. What if we tell you got a solution to start the practice without any problems.

Goalrilla is a well-known brand that redefined practice sessions. It produces powerful rebounders. This Goalrilla Striker Rebound Trainer is what you require to improve your play regardless of the skill level.

This best soccer rebounder has a 2-in-1 build. The rebound net comes with a sturdy nylon construction immune to adverse climate conditions and UV rays.

You receive a goal in one section and a rebound net on another section. Such a style makes it ideal for both team and individual practice.

It sports a powder-coated metal frame to make durable equipment you can trust. It all translates to the high-quality materials backed by the Goalrilla brand. It allows you sharpen goalkeeping, receiving, and shooting skills.

Check out our in-depth Goalrilla Striker Soccer Rebound Trainer Review below to find out if this soccer rebounder goal delivers as stated.

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Specifications of the Goalrilla Striker

  • Available in color black, it weighs 71 lbs.
  • The 0.25-inch bungee, powder-coated finish as well as 1.5mm metal tubing is this rebounder highlights.
  • It comes with a 3-inch square nylon material rebound.
  • The product dimension is 53.5 x 17.5 x 6 inches.
  • The assembled size is 63.5″ in height, 35.625″ in width, and 63.375″ in length.

Pros and Cons


  • It is only 71 pounds in weight. Therefore, easy to carry and transport.
  • It is a perfect accessory for practicing, both for multiple players on a team and a single person.
  • It features zinc-plated steel hardware for long-lasting durability.
  • It has a double-sided net that enables soccer practice.
  • You will find a strong woven polypropylene material side nets along with a solid border.
  • It quickly returns the soccer ball plus eliminates the space in between throws, thus reducing frustration.
  • It is a sturdily built goal which will deal with rough play and weather.
  • The main reason why this rebounder goal rates high is due to the high-quality parts included.


  • However, it is a bit expensive but, considering all the features it is well worth the investment.
  • It is not a multi-sport rebounder like the Tekk Trainer and is designed only for soccer.

All of the necessary functions are included in this Rebound Trainer to make training sessions less frustrating and more enjoyable. It is carefully designed keeping the player’s requirements in mind.

Features of this Rebound Trainer

Goalrilla brand is well-known for unmatched quality, unrivaled playability, and exceptional durability. Listed below are some features of the Goalrilla Striker Rebound Trainer.

  • The system’s construction is welded rather than fitted with bolts or screws.
  • With this training equipment, soccer players could get all of the reps which they need in between the training or even for off-season practices.
  • It is tempered using a glass backboard along with robust anchor systems.
  • The 0.25-inch bungee in this trainer returns the ball. In this way, soccer players can spend more time on training with the soccer ball instead of chasing it across the field.
  • It includes an upward tilt that will help the player train airborne ball, a crucial skill in the sport.
  • It is not available in different shapes such as portable soccer goals but, comes in a typical rectangular shape.

Who is it Suitable?

Soccer rebounder goal is an excellent gear every soccer football player ought to have. No matter you play on your own, train to develop your expert skills or simply play the game for raw fun. You can enjoy the playing process with this excellent product.

Goalrilla Striker Rebound Trainer is suitable for those who prefer training with more than a single player or as a team.

It got created as a company’s attempt to help out athletes work out all the necessary soccer player skills like shooting, trapping, throwing, and passing. It will become a companion for the association football player in the training sessions.

While smaller rebounder is ideal for a single player, larger ones like the Goalrilla Striker allow over one player to practice simultaneously. Extra touches for everybody is what soccer coaches say regarding this product.

Older children use bigger goals for real games. Therefore, this rebounder is often perfect for target training compared to actual goal hits. We will state it is best for kids aging 6-12 years old.

Who is it Not Suitable?

It is just for soccer sport and not meant for other sports such as Lacrosse or Baseball. If you try to use it despite warnings the ball might go through the soccer net breaking it. It is not created to emulate and withstand such playing conditions.

We feel it depends on how serious your about game of soccer. If you are only beginning a sport as well as no confidence will follow it, no meaning in investing lots of money when you could probably escape with a cheap product such as a pop-up soccer goal.

On the flip side, suppose you are an active person who often plays sports a lot, then the Goalrilla soccer rebounder is an excellent investment. It can last for a longer period and allow you to practice on your own or with a team anytime you need.


Overall, it is an excellent soccer training equipment and almost everybody that buys it says it is worth the investment.

It is among the top products available as well as it should be on the soccer players list who want to make every opportunity count in the sport.

This flexible trainer is the newest sensation to make those on-point, accurate shots and improve your soccer abilities.

Get this rebounder by Goalrilla brand to experience magical change from a beginner to an expert and create an impression on the football field.

We hope you enjoyed our Goalrilla soccer rebounder review and you can share your opinion or experience with this model and comment below.

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