5 Best Soccer Balls – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

best soccer ball Soccer is an excellent sport to play. However, how can you start the game without the best soccer ball itself? It is the essential element of the game!

With the several soccer balls available to buy, what is the best soccer ball in the world? It will need lots of research and testing.

With that said, you may not get the energy or time to do it. For this reason, we will share our guide and knowledge you to purchase the top soccer ball based on your demand.

To help you, we did the hard work on your behalf. Not just will we discuss with you what you have to know on new soccer balls, also the five top-rated soccer balls out there based on user reviews!

So let us dive in.

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Adidas Champion’s League Finale Capitano

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Adidas MLS Glider

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Adidas Starlancer V

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Wilson Traditional

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Top 5 Soccer Balls Reviews on the Market Today

Adidas Champion’s League Finale Capitano Soccer Ball

Best Soccer Ball for the Money
Adidas Champions League Finale Capitano Soccer Ball Review The Champion’s League Finale Capitano Soccer Ball by Adidas is famous for its stunning looks and supreme quality.

We found the sense of this model was a tad harder compared to other balls at this cost. It does not affect the ball’s performance because the motions were authentic and accurate while struck. This Adidas soccer ball has a clean and neat design plus is awesome to hit shots.

The weight does affect the ankle and foot over time, creating a little soreness following regular play.

The butyl bladder provides air retention and maintains the ball well packed. It makes the soccer ball to stay compact and stable plus makes it simpler for the customers to handle it during passing and touching.

It has a machine-stitched build that combined with an enclosed nylon-wound carcass. So, the product has an increased durability level than other balls in this budget. You can find a snakeskin part on the stars that offers more grip for the ball. Also, it features cool tonal printing which adds class and freestyle to it.

  • It comes in different sizes.
  • It is abrasion- and scratch-resistant.
  • The butyl bladder retains it inflated.
  • The solid build makes it simple to handle.
  • It has well-balanced aerodynamics.
  • It features a picture perfect roundness.

  • It is costly.
  • Not the most sturdy soccer ball.
  • A bit too heavy.


In short, this soccer ball won’t let you down since it is designed for an excellent soccer game and is very sturdy. This ball can bring you an experience you are among the soccer’s popular stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Neymar, etc. It has the popular champion panel design and is a piece of the UEFA Champions League Collection.

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Mikasa Serious Soccer Ball

Best Indoor Soccer Ball
Mikasa Serious Soccer Ball Review Mikasa released many cool soccer balls on the industry, based on our knowledge this Mikasa soccer ball is among the best ones if you are looking for training balls. It is a much affordable choice for you.

In case, you are perfecting headers, in that case, your forehead will not feel as it is repetitively hit using a meat tenderizer due to the style of this model. This ball offers a bit adequate softness level to chest, head, and foot while the impact because of its machine stitching panels and soft cushioned composite cover.

The soft touch means a reasonably real authentic motion while working on shots or crosses. Younger players get less control with hand-stitched soccer balls. However, for the grown ups, hand stitching ball is not an issue to manage. Nevertheless, it is not obvious but only a choice.

As it is a machine-stitched ball, younger players should find it simple to tackle. As a result, the ball’s control is somewhat OK we will say.

It features a consistent flex that enables users to focus on precise passing, curve a strike over a wall, or cover a top ball round a line of defense. The response rate was not high and not low either. Pretty fine to be an incredible training ball. Control abilities off the knee or chest feel near to authentic too.

It is important that suppose you are searching for size 1 or size 2; then it is not a choice for you. Kindly note, there are just three sizes for this product; size 3, 4, and 5. You will not need to inflate the ball often. The air retention was quite pleasing as well.

  • Available in three sizes on the market. Size 3, 4, and 5.
  • It includes a lightweight size.
  • Long-lasting stitching.
  • It is used by several players and is a popular soccer ball.
  • Maximum air retention thanks to the 2-ply butyl bladder.
  • Composite cover accompanied by the soft cushion to deliver softness.

  • It is somewhat cumbersome.
  • Not simple to care.
  • It is costly.


In short, you should reduce your expectation as it is probably the best budget balls in the marketplace. You cannot assume a budget option to perform like a premium one. However, for training or practice session or perhaps to enjoy a recreational game, it is a go-to choice.

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Adidas MLS Glider Soccer Ball

Best MLS Soccer Ball
Adidas MLS Glider Soccer Ball Review Adidas specialized in creating all types of soccer gear including soccer ball bag net, backpack, and stand, and we suggest their products more than other brands. With time, several custom and personalized soccer balls often go out-of-round, mainly if it is well-used.

This product is built to keep its form without the loss of air due to the butyl bladder’s consistency and firmness. We found lots of good customer reviews on this model. This MLS Glider version manufactured for recreational playing, practice, and training purpose.

Under normal use, we found the air pressure is consistent enough we did not have to add extra air to the ball itself.

We wanted to know how convenient this one is while the head or kick. The feeling is quite ideal we should state. It is not very hard, not very soft. Therefore, we can share a sense of head and foot it could be an excellent option. In case, you participate in organized soccer, having consistency through the game ball to the practice ball is essential for the development of skill.

The machine stitching panels give that feel for numerous players, although the soccer ball contains the standard panel style. The blend of TPU, machine-stitched construction and nylon wound carcass offers soft feeling, water resistance, and durability. You will find three sizes out there for this model. Size 3, 4, and 5. It is available in gold and red color but not green, purple, orange, and yellow.

  • Ensure maximum air retention with butyl rubber bladder.
  • Found in three various sizes.
  • Machine-stitched construction and internal nylon-wound carcass to provide soft feeling.
  • Beautiful design at a reasonable price.
  • It ensures durability with Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) cover.
  • A good-quality soccer ball.

  • It is not a street soccer ball, so do not play with it on beach or concrete.
  • It arrives deflated.
  • Do not expect the exact durability and performance if you utilize this one too frequently for large, tough matches.


In short, when it arrives from a reliable brand such as Adidas and too at a low price, the Adidas MLS Glider is your best investment.

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Adidas Starlancer V Soccer Ball

Best Soccer Ball Under $50
Adidas Starlancer V Soccer Ball Review Whether it is a size 5, 4, or 3, we found the Adidas Starlancer V model performed as it should. The machine-stitched is powerful and provides a relatively long-lasting performance.

For regular shooting drills, crossing, and passing, we noticed this ball to be original to shape. The two color options which come with the Starlancer V are pink and blue too, and each works as it should.

This product has a soft touch and a good design making it an excellent option for toddlers below 12 years old. It allows beginner players of all ages to start getting a sense for what it’s like to hold the ball on their feet.

  • It has excellent materials that could last long for those who utilize it at times.
  • Its build was constructed with a machine to ensure ultimate durability.
  • It is among the cheapest soccer balls on the industry.
  • You will not need to refill more often.
  • Its durability is remarkable and outstanding.
  • It’s injection molded, 100% rubber.

  • Question marks regarding the balls deflate rate.
  • It cannot use below extreme conditions.
  • It is high-priced.


In short, you could use this ball, simply shoot and pass with fun and control the ball quickly. Your gaming experience is to be more improved.

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Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball

Best Kids Soccer Ball
Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball Review If your goal is to look for something cheap and will get you to play a quick match with family or friends, then Wilson Traditional model has everything you want. They are popular for their high-quality sports goods.

Wilson soccer ball provides the traditional design and looks in alternating black and white of the Pentagon panels, letting players master placement of foot for a significant bending. The machine sews it with 32 various panels stretching throughout its surface.

Although not for the professional games or big giant league, they provide lots of strength and power when playing or training a fun game with friends or partners.

There is sufficient weight to the soccer ball to cater for passing drills and accurate crossing, while sufficient rebound is available for shooting drills, dribbling, and juggling. The synthetic leather is used to make the cover that offers you a nice feeling while you hit this ball.

The company has created it using a Butyl Rubber bladder that is the best system to keep your ball inflated whereas retaining its foam. In case, you take the sport seriously as well as you need to improve in your house, it is among the most affordable and best options you will have to consider. Different sizes are accessible with this standard design.

  • One of the cheap balls on the marketplace.
  • It has a soft touch and good bounce.
  • It comes with the classic ball design.
  • It features a durable construction and 32-panels machine-sewn.
  • Air retention maintained with butyl rubber bladder.
  • The synthetic leather material allows lowest water absorption.

  • Not a perfect purchase for experts.
  • It might take some kicks for it to get less slippery, or to get accustomed to it.
  • The traction was not great enough.


In short, if you are seeking for a classic soccer ball, which you may use for almost any place without doubts, the traditional soccer ball from Wilson deserves a go.

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Even with a lot of excellent reviews and ratings from the customers, we are not keeping the following models on this list. It ranges from Nike soccer balls, select soccer balls, Barcelona and Chelsea soccer ball, CR7 soccer ball, Puma soccer ball, Brazil world cup soccer ball, Brine Phantom soccer balls, USA soccer ball, Voit soccer ball, Mitre soccer ball. Also, Nerf, Jabulani, Tango, Diadora and F50 ball, Messi ball, Umbro ball. These did not fulfill our criteria. However, the final choice is yours.

Soccer Ball Buyer’s Guide

What Are the Different Types of Soccer Balls?

Now let us have some experience on various types of soccer balls. Why? Suppose you understand what the different types mean, you can make a connection between your characteristics and the requirement of the various kinds. Every soccer ball type has some unique features that could turn into an athlete advantage. We will give you a bit of explanation on each important type one after the other.

Indoor Soccer Ball

An indoor ball’s cover is the most influential of every category. Therefore, it can stand up to play on impacts with walls, hard court surfaces, and turn. These all have the dimensions available such as other outdoor soccer balls we have discussed to date. The indoor ball is created to have much less rebound and bounce to them, which makes it easy to handle the ball well on a field or tighter court.

Beach Soccer Ball

Beach soccer ball does not lose pressure and is not too light. Usually, these are extremely colorful so that you can spot them clearly around the exotic beach. Not just that, they are waterproof too to secure them from the ocean water.

The primary objective of the beach soccer ball company is to make sure the cover’s softness to offer the highest comfort level while you kick a soccer ball with barefoot. These traits make them suitable for use on the sandy beach.

Street Soccer Ball

Street ball is specially designed to sustain much longer on a concrete surface. These are mostly tight and rough friendly models.

Futsal Soccer Ball

There are mostly two fundamental differences among the best futsal ball as well as other regular balls such as the indoor ball. The first difference is futsal ball sizes primarily size four balls even though the weight is mainly just like other regular balls. Regarding futsal ball, the bladder part is stuffed with foam rather than air to help keep the rebound low.

Training Soccer Ball

The majority of the training balls and bulk discount inflatable ones are made from latex bladder and PVC covers to ensure the playability and durability. However, it is not apparent. A few of these created from PU covers and butyl bladder. You could even punch them around a playground or on the street without this scuffing a lot. They could be suited for almost any field.

Practice/training soccer balls are highly sturdy and durable. They are made for fundamental skill development plus can be utilized by gamers at any stage. Also, these are the most affordable ones in comparison to other forms. These balls come with 4 or less lining layers.

Match Soccer Ball

Although these are not like sturdy as training types, in general, they are much durable. These offer a good amount of performance, air retention, curve, shape, and water absorption.

To be precise, you can state official match soccer balls are positioning among training soccer balls and premium match balls when it comes to quality. While it regards quality, they are almost exactly like premium match balls. However, not the exact.

Also, these are the less expensive choices compared to premium match soccer balls. They are often NCAA, and NFHS authorized to play college team soccer or high school games.

Premium Match Soccer Ball

Since these tend to be the best quality balls, you easily could understand their cover part created from either premium-quality polyurethane (PU) or synthetic leather. They are size 5 soccer balls.

You can understand such are the high-quality balls along with the maximum level of performance, air retention, curve, shape, trajectory, and water absorption. Or else, FIFA will not have permitted such balls.

They are the most expensive balls that you will come across in the industry currently. These deployed in international tier matches plus top league games such as Major League Soccer, UEFA Champions League, Bundesliga, Italian Serie A, Spanish La Liga, and English Premier League. Not just these also all of the tournaments accepted from FIFA.

Turf Soccer Ball

They are reasonably affordable and durable, but often skip more while utilized on a natural pitch. These are another type of balls which are robust and sturdy. These are widely hand-stitched which ensures the sturdiness. You can fiddle with these around the tight surface where there’s no grass. These specially created for this reason.

Also, there are plastic soccer balls available in case you are searching for the available to suit your needs.

What Soccer Ball Size is Right for Me?

Which are the various sizes and which size is best for you? Have a look at this section.

Soccer balls for sale are available in five various sizes. Selecting the best size based on your age group is crucial. Not just according to the ages but based on different leagues. It is because various leagues use different sized balls. Therefore, you ought to buy the ideal size, so your training makes you all set for league level matches.

Size 1 Soccer Ball

Soccer ball size 1 is known as skill balls or mini soccer balls. They are usually sold just for fun than they’re a serious ball. Many clubs make use of these to train their members to improve the ball control and their skill.

Size 2 Soccer Ball

This dimension is about 50% of a regulation-sized ball. Also, these balls are useful for ball control drills. It is an excellent choice for playing inside a small little room. The size 2 balls circumference ranges from 20 to 22 inches. Also, it is a suggested ball sizing for kids in organized football leagues in the U4 stage.

Size 3 Soccer Ball

Soccer ball size 3 is for kids below the age 8. It contains the exact weight ratio to a youth foot like a regulation soccer ball for an adult foot. These balls circumference differs from 23 to 24-inches, plus weight is eleven to twelve ounces.

Size 4 Soccer Ball

Soccer ball size 4 utilized by the kids who are at the learning level, starting from 8 to 12 years old. It’s not the entire dimension of a regulation soccer ball. However, it will assist to improve the abilities of younger participants. These balls contain a 25 to 26-inches circumference and weigh 12 to 13 ounces.

Size 5 Soccer Ball

It is the regulation measurement for a ball. Soccer ball size 5 is for grown-ups aging above 12 years old. Both men and girls make use of this sizing for every organized game at the professional level, collegiate, and high school. These have a 27 to 28-inches circumference and weigh 14 to 16 ounces.

What are the Best Soccer Balls Made of

Let us discuss the build of a soccer ball from the bladder to lining in this section.


Bladder provides the aerodynamics of soccer ball and shape. It’s the inner section and has aired. In case, you feel the lining and cover are the ball’s body parts then we will repeat the bladder part is the soul of it.

The two types of bladders are Latex and Butyl. Latex bladder deployed in premium-quality balls. These offer better bounce and response compared to butyl bladder. However, the disadvantage of this bladder type is they do not keep the air for very long.


There’s no set amount of panels which get into the build of the modern day soccer ball. The most typical design includes 32 panels. However, nowadays you can find 6, 8, 14, 18, or even 26 panels along with various designs and shapes from the ones of standard balls.

Panels decide the movement and control via the air. Extra panels provide playability and control. On the flip side, fewer panels (varying from 6-26 panels) should make the soccer ball curve more via the air and go faster due to the much less balance.

The two methods to date to put the panels in the lining. Gluing or stitching. Glued balls provide harder feeling compared to the ones from stitched balls. Plus they are more affordable too. The highest-quality ball stitched, plus that is the reason why these are stronger compared to glued models. Stitching could perform with the help of machine-stitched or hand-stitched counterparts.


Concerning the excellence of the effort to place the cover collectively, a ball might be extremely waterproof, or it may absorb water similar to a wet-free paper towel. Also, the ball’s appearance relies on how attractive the cover. It’s the outermost section of a soccer ball that is subject to provide the usability, feel, durability, and softness.


Low-quality soccer balls often have two tiers of the polyester coating. Mid-quality balls normally have two tiers of polyester plus two tiers of the cotton lining. On the flip side, highest-quality balls contain 4 layers of cotton and polyester lining to provide them bounce and strength.

More coating of lining together with cotton and polyester helps to keep the bounce and shape with time. It performs a huge role by providing the product an incredible control, structure, and form. It’s the middle portion that positioned between bladder and panels/cover.

What Are the Best Soccer Ball Materials?

What sets every ball aside from one another is the standard of materials which employed in its build. The cover, panels, lining, and bladder will all affect the ultimate cost of the ball you are wanting.

Eventually, the million dollar question which is coming on your head is, which are the materials used to produce the different balls covers?

Let us find out what are the roles they play, and what they are?

Poly Vinyl Carbonate (PVC)

In case, the price is the primary factor when looking for the finest soccer ball to suit your needs, in that case, you will need a PVC soccer ball. They are ideal for training. PVC material is used for many indoor balls plus is more cost-effective compared to polyurethane. Therefore, you pay less to buy a ball which is extra durable.

Often, you will discover glossy lining to help improve water-resistant, as well as extra protection. While sturdiness is the principal advantage of this type of material, on the other hand, is these are stiffer compared to polyurethane and synthetic leather, which results in less balance.

The ball made from PVC do not scuff quickly like synthetic leather or PU material. It makes sure the durability factor.

Polyurethane (PU)

You would find a noticeable variation in the soccer balls softness if it were produced using a polyurethane covering. This material is suited to premium match soccer balls, although some regular match balls might build identically.

The disadvantage is PU based balls might degenerate and scuff faster as compared to the PVC made ones. A soccer ball made from PU material is utilized to play competitive matches because of the preferred reliability and feel.

Polyurethane should offer you a leather-kind feel, and about durability, these are nearly as sturdy as PVC material. This material is staying between PVC and synthetic leather regarding quality.

Synthetic Leather

You are very sure right now they are the costliest ones between the three kinds of cover materials (i.e. PU and PVC). The synthetic leather material commonly used for making highest-quality premium match balls.

This material will offer you an excellent softness, control, and feel. However, these are less water resistant and less durable than PU or PVC.


The best soccer ball should help to improve your play and have fun. Whether it is on a local pitch, at home, or you grab the ball on hand to train, you will find they are the finest value-priced choices that are out there in the market currently.

Hopefully, this guide on the different soccer balls could have made it easier for you understand what you ought to buy. Now it is your time to make the right call.

So why are you still waiting? Spend in a soccer ball right away and get the game kick started!

Did you like the guide or have something to say regarding these best soccer balls reviews? If so drop your comments underneath! We could love to listen to your views and opinions.

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